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One thing is for sure when it comes to designer clothing, more and more designers are creating their hottest looks to accommodate taller women. Great news for you and all of your tall friends. So whether you live in designer clothing or you just find yourself needing that one spectacular designer piece for an upcoming special event, shopping right here online will prove your best success. Biggest piece of advice…don’t wait until the last minute. You may need time for exchanging sizes as well as alterations. Start shopping now…

Often times, designer clothing can run an entire size smaller or bigger given the specific designer. Always ask about this. You may need to go up or down a size. (I typically go down a size in designer pieces) Don’t just assume your size you will need to try the clothing on.

There's nothing like classy jewellery to compliment a designer outfit and getting the right size is fairly easy, unlike when it comes to designer clothes. Necklaces go by chain length, while rings use a universal letter measuring system - from A (the smallest) to Z (the largest) - to define finger thickness. Your size should always work out the same, whether it is from a professional jeweller, or it's from your high street fashion shop. However, some places go on a small /medium / large size, rather than the lettering system.

If you want the designer look and just can’t afford it, no worries. You can get almost the exact looks for way less. Have you ever watched the morning segments of the major TV net works? Each season they feature designer looks for less. They dress two women in similar outfits and then you have to guess which one is more expensive. Often times the less expensive one is chosen. So see, with a good fashion sense you can get your high fashion look for less. Or, if you really want to get creative and crazy, create your own designer look. Take your *fav* jeans and add some *bling* to the back pockets with rhinestones, or distress and add some paint. Careful to not go overboard. Remember high fashion is the goal; you don’t want them looking homemade. Find some pictures online of some really expensive looks and create them on your own. You can add the same types of looks to your favorite tops and even jackets. A fabulous way to get the designer looks for less.

Even top fashion designers say that it is more important how the clothing fits you than who made it. So whatever you choose, wear it with confidence.


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