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There is truly a plethora of catalogs (hard copies & online) these days for tall women, a wealth of fashion information literally at your fingertips. Almost every major retailer and designer is catering to tall women’s fashions. This is such wonderful news because no matter what occasion you find yourself shopping for you will be able to find not only the perfect look but also the perfect fit too. (Be sure to look for a special sizing chart specific to the brand. Sizing may vary a little. You may need to go up or down a size so check the guides before placing your final order.) From formal wear to bathing suites, lingerie, shoes and accessories, fabulous fashions are waiting to be discovered everywhere. These catalogs can also provide in assisting you to determine your very own personal style. Completing your look with the right shoes, handbags and other accessories is easier than ever before because many times it is all available through one designer or retailer. I love to flip through the catalogs and tear out pages of styles that I think define my style. If I don’t need that particular article of clothing at that time I stick it in a little file (or bookmark it if I am online) and then I have it for a later occasion. I especially like to do this with accessories. If you find yourself on a budget or maybe just looking to pick up some basics for the upcoming season, bargains can be easily found. “Sales” are at your fingertips…most often located in the middle or back of a hard copy and online you usually find specific pages containing all sale items. These catalogs will also often have extra savings and promotions. Information on the company’s credit cards may also be found and through these yet more savings may be available. Many retailers are offering deep discounts, inquire about them at checkout. Happy flipping or clicking!


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