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Hot *Mamma*!

Over the last few years’ maternity styles have changed drastically for the better. You do not have to sacrifice style for frumpiness…Today, no matter what your size you can look chic and stylish throughout your entire pregnancy. There are so many great maternity styles to choose from. No matter what occasion you have coming up be rest assured that you will be able to find the perfect outfit! It is fun to see just how “cute & stylish” you really can look.

There was 8 years in between my first child and my last. Let me tell you that I was much more fashionable during the last. In fact, I looked downright awful in some of the clothes I wore during my first pregnancy. The styles just were not available like they are today.

To date there are so many amazing styles and not just in clothing. Bathing suites and lingerie even come in great maternity styles as well.

The best advice I can give is to simply stick to your style and general fashion rules. Stay away from big prints or stripes; solids are best. Pick basic and transitional pieces to get you through. A great rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t have worn it before you were pregnant, you probably shouldn’t wear it now either! Utilize all of your accessories, they will come in handy and they will help you feel a bit more “fabulous”.

If you find yourself on a budget it can be a bit overwhelming realizing that basically nothing in your closet will be fitting you in the next few months. No need to stress.

Your maternity clothing adventure can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. From top designers to simple retail chains, the choice is yours. Buy as you grow, this will ensure that you are not overbuying. I had 4-6 outfits and a few basic mix and match, pieces per trimester(s). I found this worked the best for me. Whatever you choose, treat yourself and enjoy your pregnancy in style.


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