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Tall Women's Dress Pants and Trousers that flatter the Tall!

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Here are some tips for finding the fit that is right for you, and a few for those wanting to give the illusion that they are a bit shorter than they really are.

Tall, boyish figure? Try these: Straight or tapered dress pants will give the illusion that you have some curves.

Tall, curvy figure? Try this: Wide leg trousers or pants will help balance your look. Stay away from tapered narrow legs.

A great “go to” or “staple” to have is a pair of double knit trousers in a classic, chic style. They are flattering to almost any body type. Definitely a more of a casual look but still appropriate for office wear if paired with the right blouse and accessories.

Go for color when choosing your pants. High contrast colors will work well for the tall ladies. Because you are tall you can get away with this.

Stay away from monochromatic themes. (This adds length)

Horizontal lines are your friends. Add big, wide belts to your pants.

Cropped dress pants look awesome on tall women. Sogo for the cropped pants, (cropped should stop at the ankle bone) these also look amazing with flats or kitten heels.

High waisted styles make a long torso look more in proportions, giving you an hourglass look.

Select trousers that have a cuffed bottom, this will make the appearance of the trouser seem shorter.

Capri and 3/4/ length trousers can also be worn but make sure they hit at the correct places on your leg so they don’t look like they are to short for you.

As with anything in your wardrobe, a good fit is of great value. Don’t settle for something because it is on sale; always pick the piece that looks like it was made for you. In the long run it will pay off.


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