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Our shopping Online Guide For Tall Womens Plus Size Clothing!

The most important thing to remember when shopping for clothes (no matter what size you are, or how tall you are) is to know you body type and to buy accordingly. Accent your best areas. Draw attention away from the problem areas. Just because it looks good on the runways or in the store windows doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you. We've also recently launched a new site specifically for plus size women's fashions to provide more exciting hints and tips to spice up your wardrobe. Be sure to tell your friends.

Unfortunately, If you are a tall, plus size woman, you may have to search a little longer and harder to find what you are looking for. Resources in your size are limited and not always readily available, but the great news is that there are options out there. So don’t give up on your search. Your best bet is checking for plus size online catalogs to see what they offer in tall sizes.

A great alternative to consider is going with semi-custom made clothing. There are some sites that offer this. They have a range of options that you can choose to create customized pieces. Or, if you know a great seamstress you may want to have complete custom clothing made. It may not cost too much more than shopping retail, and you may end up with some really great pieces that you will wear a lot because they will fit perfectly.

Select mostly timeless, classic and basic items so that you get optimal wear out of them. You can easily update your looks with fun accessories. Work trendy pieces into your wardrobe, but don’t spend the bulk of your budget on items that will only work for one season.

A tip for on top – Layering is in. So if you find a top that is just a tad short stick a complimentary longer tank under it. Or, if your sleeve isn’t long enough, roll it up a few times to create a ¾ “ sleeve length, also a style that is for great for long arms.

A tip for on the bottom – a good choice for tall women is a capri pant. Try a pant from your favorite plus size store and simply have it shortened to capri length. This style can be worn with flip flops, flats, heels or platform, open or closed toed shoes and even boots in winter.

Also, retailers are listening to the needs and wants of their customers. Email your favorite stores. Express your frustrations and what you would like to see in their stores.


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