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End your shopping frustrations with our guide For Tall Womens Skirts!

If you are in search of a skirt(s), lucky for you, it is probably the easiest article of clothing for a tall woman to find. Unlike jeans, pants or trousers, there are no inseams to deal with. Thank Goodness! As with all clothing, picking what looks good on you is the key. Here are a few tips for knowing what styles to choose from if you are tall.

Pencil skirt – is great for most figures. It is slimming to the hips & should be a staple in everyone’s closet because it can be paired with so much. It is a very feminine look that can be worn daytime to evening in a flash.

Long, full, flowy skirt – stay away from these if you are very tall & ultra thin, you will get “lost” in them. If you are heavy set, these can be a good look for you if paired with a tighter fitting top. (Untucked of course)

Mini skirt – this will definitely enhance the length of your already long legs. If you are tall with a long torso and short legs, this may really be a great look for you. Definitely stay away from this look if your legs are not thin.

Just above, below or at the knee – a great choice overall for tall ladies. These lengths will help the lines of your body appear more in proportion. (Great lengths to wear with tall boots in the fall & winter seasons)

Too the floor – this too will enhance your height, but can work if done in a print or horizontal small stripe paired with of flat shoes.

Mid-calf – be careful with this length. It can leave you unknowingly looking like the length is just all-together wrong. It may look like it is too short or too long. Better to just stay away from this one.


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