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Ok my tall girlfriends it’s that time of year again. Time to start searching for the perfect suit, a bathing suit that is! First things first, before you start checking out all the great online shopping sites for tall women you must first determine your body type. This will ensure that you choose a most flattering to you. So here we go…

Short torso: Try a bikini with a halter-top to emphasize the bust and shoulders. Pair with bottoms of your choice that sit low on the hip. This will help elongate the torso.

Long torso: Try one-piece styles or bottoms with high-cut legs. This will make your legs look longer and your torso shorter.

Pear shape: Keep the bottoms simple and best in solid colors. Try a print on top, or even something with eye-catching detail (like metal or wood embellishments) this will keep focus off of the problem area.

Large bust: Fortunately a lot of suits come in bra sizes and with under wire. These are a must for extra support. Try a solid top mixed with a bottom with ties or patterned bottom. This makes for a more balanced look.

Small bust: Triangle or halter-tops will look good on you. Stay away form bandeau tops. Look for separates that come in bra sizes with added padding & push up. Large floral prints as well as horizontal lines will look great.

Problem tummy: Choose LYCRA. It will help support the problem area. Tankini’s and one-piece styles are your best bet.

Plus sizes: Look for suits in darker colors. Stay away from big, bright prints or stripes. Keep it simple. Again, a suit with a high Lycra content will add extra support.

Hourglass: Count your blessings because for you most anything goes. Most important is that you make sure you have a good fit. A suit that is too big or small does not look good, no matter how perfect the body.

Also, carefully consider the trends. Purchasing a quality suit can easily be on the upwards of $100. If you want it for more than just one season, stick with a classic style and add in some stylish accessories like a pair of chic flip-flops and/or a bag to match. A trendy cover up can be fun and is a way to update your look too. Have fun with it. Another tip, if you are a little self-conscious because your body hasn’t seen the sun in months, consider a fake tan for your first outing. If you have faint tan lines from last season that don’t line up with your new suit, or you are just feeling pasty pale, grab some fake tan, or visit a booth for a spray tan. This will definitely up your fabulous factor! OK, now that you have found out what will look great on you, and a few extra tips, have at it and don’t forget to have some fun in the sun!


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